April season

Good Vibes

Good Vibes is about five stories that revolve around a mysterious smartphone that allows to have a copy of anyone's phone. Just enter the number and the protagonists immediately have access to current accounts, photos, videos, emails, messages, even the most intimate ones.
A morbidity that pervades anyone who comes into contact with this telephone, in the frantic search for the power to influence the lives of others. Thus begins an escalation of chained events in which, without a moment's breath, we will follow the fate of the phone, and of whoever comes into possession of it.
The protagonists must confront their innermost desires, and the (in)ability to manage the power of knowledge...
Five stories which, mixing the registers of thriller and fantasy, address social issues such as violence against women, bullying but, above all, the risks entailed by the abuse of technology and the delicate topic of privacy.
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