May Season


Young Mark has fled from Africa to Sicily to live with his father. The prospects of a better life than the one in the old homeland quickly shatter. Finally, Mark's father gets involved with the mafia in Palermo. When the father cooperates with the local police, he is shot in cold blood.
Mark, henceforth left to his own devices, travels to Germany to live with his uncle Addae, who has meanwhile built a small existence for himself in a town in the Ruhr region and leads a middle-class life.
Despite all his uncle's efforts, chance drives Mark into the arms of an offshoot of the Sicilian mafia in Germany.
Traumatised by the violent death of his father and completely disoriented in the new German society, Mark finds a supposed protector and patron in Carlo, the gang's boss.
Nevertheless, feelings of self-doubt and anger about his life in Germany plague Mark, because he is basically a decent person and wants nothing more than to lead a normal life. But leaving his new family is not an option.
He falls in love with Lilli, a young prostitute who works for Carlo.
When Mark learns that Carlo, of all people, is responsible for the murder of his father in Palermo and now wants to get rid of Lilli too, he seeks revenge. But Carlo has other enemies in his criminal "family" and is murdered by them.
For Mark, the time has come to decide between a career in the Mafia family or a middle-class life with Lilly.
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