Febryary season


There is a beautiful small islet surrounded by fresh water streams and river. There is a lone house with a single room in it. The story revolves around a sister and a mentally retardant brother who live there. The sister does fishing and other house hold works in the nearby area to earn bread and butter. The brother became mentally challenged after an accident and is kept in chains at home by his sister henceforth.

The sister suffers from asthma. She also rejects a marriage proposal to take care of his mentally ill brother. During the pandemic, she contracts Covid 19 and passes away; leaving her brother all alone. The brother, who is chained in the shanty, faces many challenges to even get his daily bread. When one day, a friend (co-victim of the accident) comes to his rescue and frees him from his shackles. He wanders the streets of the village and the villagers call him “mental”. He roams around and sleeps on the roads until he is noticed by Covid workers. He was taken to a shelter, treated for Covid 19 and gets admitted in an asylum.

A year later, after being cured, returns to his own village. The villagers start branding him a “mental” even though he is no longer ill. Unable to take the constant branding, he goes home and chains himself up just like he used to be.
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