Traveling with Her

"Traveling with Her" is the inner and on the road journey of a transgender girl in the female universe, telling stories of different women, including that of a girl with Down syndrome. The film touches deep chords of the soul, speaking an European language thanks to the stories, the characters, the contents, the stylistic choices and also thanks to unexpected “no places” locations that allow to mix different social, cultural and geographical origins.

A journey of the soul into the female soul, where the camera remains hidden to telling the reality with poetry and discretion, with intended blurring that oblige the spectator to be inside the story, as if, in silence, he is spying on other lives. Hoping that prejudice towards gender dysphoria, disability and towards all them women that are different from what society would like that they are, could to blur too.

A docufilm without classical interviews, where each character with his present and his past is slowly discovered by intertwining stories and paths, connected by a red thread that we can see only at the end, in a continuous discovery that bring the spectator to make the same journey as the protagonists.

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