January season 2024

The sons of sun

It tells the story of Matilde and Fausto Cassianni, two brothers whose life hits them hard, in their
birthplace San Basilio de Palenque, after losing their father in a murder at the hands of a mobster
where they later go to the city of Cartagena de Indias. This world begins to collapse when the
father dies and these brothers have to go live with an aunt (Merciful) in Cartagena,where they
begin to suffer mistreatment, contempt and humiliation for the little food that the aunt gives
them. Matilde and Fausto begin a fight to survive and each one has to choose a path between
good and evil. Matilde chooses boxing as the center of her life, while Fausto chooses the path
of music and drugs; intertwining in a thousand stumbling blocks, from which they will have to
defend tooth and nail in order to survive in a world that marks an unusual contrast for the rich
and poor of the "Corralito de piedra" that is why Matilde and Fausto head towards the popular
market square, and the streets of the historic city to sell the produce of the day to achieve their
dreams of being able to box and sing
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