January season 2024

Jersey Bred

JERSEY BRED is a twisting crime drama set in Newark, Asbury Park, and Atlantic City, New Jersey. It follows a New Jersey Mob Prince, Big Vincent, whose fingers grace all pies. As the head of his family he focuses on existing and new business ventures and runs an offshore gambling site that has become his cash cow. The story centers around Big Vincent’s plan to become completely legit and leave behind his previous life of organized crime. Out of a boutique coffee shop, or anywhere with WIFI, Big Vincent has become a pioneer of utilizing new technology to reorganize the old way of doing things and stay ahead of government officials. These savvy methods have led him to the biggest real estate deal of his life and a chance to attain legitimate generational wealth.

Just as Big Vincent’s plans are coming to fruition, his childhood best friend and cousin, Anthony, gets released from prison. Anthony was incarcerated as a teenager when he accompanied Big Vincent’s father, Gino, in a confrontation gone wrong. The events lead to the death of Gino and a lifelong hatred between Big Vincent and Anthony. With the help of the older generation of their family, Uncle Sal, who served time with Anthony, the two have other plans for Big Vincent and the family's gambling activities. In addition, the pair of convicts have leveraged ties to the Sicilian family in New York to help ensure the shift in power.

The core of this film is a story about a family and its members sticking together to create a better life for everyone. Big Vincent, the young patriarch of the family, surrounds himself with his cousins and close childhood friends. Their bond is a big catalyst for his desire to take all of their ventures legit and out of harm's way. A practice that Anthony and Uncle Sal have trouble evolving with because of their years in isolation.

Meanwhile, seeing the emerging threat and increased capacity for the mob to conceal their electronic operations, the FBI establishes a new OC task force to gather evidence. Their primary target: Big Vincent. Their wedges: Uncle Sal and Anthony and the growing rift between the old and new school factions.

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