January season 2024

Invasion Day Mk II: A Blackfella Love Story

It’s Australia Day and minutes after meeting on a blind date, the two Aboriginal activists Charlton and Betty are fighting for their lives against another invasion of their ancestral homelands by white-skinned aliens. Holed up in Charlton’s mum’s converted garage/mancave, they escape reality by devolving to sad ‘Wasted Blackfella Trope’ level, ripping cones and guzzling booze. But when fitness freak Gilbert stumbles in they begin to question their partying ways - And the monsters’ origin. Betty concludes they’re enacting their victim’s subconscious existential fears, that being a second invasion for First Nations Australians like them. Then three heavily armed, white Doomsday Preppers storm into Charlton’s mancave, threatening to abduct Betty. Charlton ’mans up’ and bravely evicts the racist intruders - thus winning Betty’s approval and the promise of a second date when - with a little help from Wandjina spirits - they get clean and sober in survivor’s Quarantine Camp!
Critics’ Feedback: Praise for the screenplay includes commentary by Hybrid Genre 2022 Melbourne Film Festival’s judge Kirsten McKenzie: “I was sucked into the pages and pummelled with witty repartee peppered with cultural references, elevating the script to unexpected heights. ‘Invasion Day Mk II’ has the makings of a cult Australian film classic.” CJ Welsh of Bear and Dog Productions was a little more succinct: “You’re onto something pretty bloody awesome with ‘Invasion Day Mk II: A Blackfella Love Story.’”
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