Yana and her mother Vira are refugees fleeing the city of Mariupol in Ukraine. Smoke rises from the city in the distance. The refugees stop to take a break and a group of children are encouraged to play football, by one of the Ukrainian soldiers who escorts them.

Meanwhile in the UK there are a group of children in a park playing tag. Rachel looks on as her granddaughter Scarlett chases the other children. There is a lot of banter and excitement, but it’s all harmless fun.

While the children are playing football in the Ukraine, there’s a large explosion! A fighter jet can be seen leaving the city and heading towards the refugees. The referee blows his whistle to warn everyone, and Vira rushes on to the playing field and picks up Yana, running off with her in her arms.

Scarlett is still chasing the other children, but falls straight into a muddy patch, covering her lovely pink jumper in mud. The little girl she was chasing is now laughing at her, so Scarlett launches an attack, where they roll around in the mud. The girls are separated, and Rachel makes Scarlett apologise, after all, the mud can be washed off the jumper.

When they get home, they sit down to have dinner and watch a news report coming from the Ukraine, where they see Yana fall into the news reporter, who helps her up. Yana is cold, hungry, and weak from exhaustion. Her mother picks her up and they stagger on, but not before Scarlett has decided she wants to help in some way.

Rachel decides that they can send some clothes for the refugees. They bag them up and go to the church hall, where Rachel finds out that Scarlett has donated her favourite pink jumper, because it’s nice and it will keep another little girl warm.

The refugees have found a safe haven in an old mine, where they’re getting hot food and spend their nights singing, to block out the noise of the explosions coming from above. One morning a convoy of trucks arrives, with supplies and donations, where Yana finds Scarlett’s jumper and puts it on. This is filmed by BBC news who broadcast it back to the UK, where Scarlett sees Yana wearing her jumper.

Yana looks at the camera and makes a heart shape with her fingers, this makes Scarlett and Rachel cry. Then, as the broadcast ends, a group of children can be seen playing football. Yana is wearing Scarlett’s jumper. The game is in full swing when an explosion stops them in mid stride, the referee immediately begins to blow his whistle.

Vira runs onto the field and picks up Yana holding her close. A fighter jet flies over their exact position, it is so low they fall to the ground, but only for a second, then they both get up and run towards the mine. Yana never saw the mine that took her life and left a grieving mother behind.
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