Febryary season


Loneliness is a poison that disintegrates, wears out and torments individuals. Traumatized by society's violence and intolerance, this man is scared, worn out, heartbroken and drags his life out in a desperate search for someone to talk to. What he has to say is atrocious and sadly conforms to the reality of men who live in his same conditions.

Inspired by the successful book by Bernard-Marie Koltès: "The night just before the forest", this short film takes up the life of an immigrant, who escaped from his country of origin to seek work and protection, in vain. Although it was written in 1977, the volume is nevertheless purely contemporary and the scenes that it leaves us imagining adhere to current vicissitudes. An incalculable number of immigrants experience these hardships on a daily basis, they are denigrated by a society that pretends to welcome them, and ignored by politics that use them to spread propaganda.

The real question is, how will you ever move forward? When will this text turn out to be stupid, banal and past?
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