July season

The Garden of Earthly Delights

Logline: "An aspiring Broadway actor and a classical pianist fight through trauma to realize their artistic potential, achieve their dreams, and find love.”

River Kepley, 21, is an aspiring Broadway actor residing in New York City. Originally from a beautiful country estate by the beach in Upstate, he is the son of two Oscar-winning performers. After a horrific fire occurs, killing his parents and leaving him scarred for life, he sets out to follow in their footsteps.

Elizabeth Moreau, 24, is an elegant and sophisticated French model, with aspirations of becoming a professional pianist. From a loving family, she derives from the countryside in the south of Paris, where her parents own and operate a wine vineyard. After Elizabeth’s exceptional piano audition at the Conservatoire de Paris, a shocking car accident claims her father’s life.

PTSD and addiction are, literally, demons that menace River and Elizabeth. They struggle to overcome them, setting them on parallel, self-destructive courses and into a downward spiral.

Elizabeth and River meet in NYC and feel an instant connection over music and the arts. They stray away from each other for a time, but fate leads them out west, where River and Elizabeth cross paths at the Santa Monica Pier watching dolphins swim. Subsequently, they fall in love, and share their demons, both past (their feelings of responsibility for the loss of parents) and present (self-blame and substance and alcohol dependency).

During their failed suicide attempts, River and Elizabeth’s souls meet in a dreamscape paradise. The transcendent power of love. They are chased back to life by their unresolved demons. River has an epiphany on stage during his performance as Macbeth when a rose petal lands on his wrist. He rushes to rescue Elizabeth in France. From there, they become committed to seeing their way out of the darkness together.
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