July season


A light-hearted love story with a twist of gender non-discrimination.

CATFIGHT is depiction of true Love and Hate relationship between two friends SONIYA and VEDICA since their childhood, they do not know how to express their feeling about their sexual orientation and emotions for each other.

The social stigma that surrounds LGBT individuals, restricts them to express their sentiments, love, affection and belongingness.

Love and soul mate is divine and we have no choice in it ....we find love but often can't recognise it and wander around in search of love...when actually it is very near.....just we need to have courage to listen to our heart.

Almost inseparable Sonia and vedika in childhood, found whole world in each other, that they never needed other friends....but Sameer comes in between them ..... creating much jealousy and anger. Their anger push them to a level to actually hurt physically and scar for life.

Years later, when they meet for class reunion...old hatred sparks again leading to ugly catfight.

What happens when best friends turned worst enemies meet again.....The Catfight which is much hyped and awaited event in their class for years ...takes the storm by head.

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