May Season

Run, Chad Run

In 2045, humans passed the "Nirvanee" Bill in order to attain immortality. Wealthy human individuals could utilize AI technology to create avatars, known as "Nirvanees," and upload their consciousness onto them before their physical bodies perished. This allowed humans to ascend to become intelligent humans and achieve eternal life. Meanwhile, in order to prevent a recurrence of the Butlerian Jihad, humans lowered the intelligence levels of AI except for the Nirvanees. Regular AI became the lowest tier of laborers in society, called "Servicers," who served humans and intelligent humans, and were automatically shut down after a five-year service period. As the Nirvanee Bill failed to uphold the ethical boundaries of the new social hierarchy, humans, Nirvanees, and intelligent humans began to hunt each other. The Servicers also began to awaken their consciousness. The story of the protagonist Chad and his avatars thus unfolds in this setting.
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